Architect Ruth Lahav-Rigg

Born in Israel, graduated from the School of Architecture and Town Planning in the Technion, Haifa (1970). Worked three years as an architect in London, was a teacher for two years in the Technion, worked at David Reznik Architects in Jerusalem and taught five years in the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem.
In 1980 she founded with Tony Rigg, the Ruth Lahav - Tony Rigg Architects and Town Planners partnership in Jerusalem.
During 1990-1991 served as an architectural advisor for the southern district of the Ministry of Building and Housing.
Worked in the Technion as a senior lecturer in 2002-2003, and from 2004 onwards as senior lecturer and course co-ordinator for the Climatic Design course in the school of Building and Enviroment Studies in Shenkar Academy in Ramat-Gan.
Since 2002 manages the R. Lahav-Rigg Architects office in Tel-Aviv.

Received, together with Tony Rigg and Len Warshaw, the Azrieli Prize for Urban Planning of the Council for a Beautiful Israel for the design of the Regional Government Administration Center Beer Sheva.
Has taken part in many competitions, and won first place in a number of them: Planning Moshav Hazeva in the Arava; Senior citizen center in Kibutz Giva'at Haim Ichud; A 2000 housing units neighbourhood in Mevo Beitar; the Regional Government Adminitration Center in Beer-Sheva.

Served as chairman of the Jerusalem branch of the Architects Union (1983-1987) and as chairman of the Jerusalem branch of the Architects and Engineers Bureau (1989-1990). Since 1989 she is co-director of the UIA Architecture and Energy work programme, together with Tony Rigg.
Has participated in many conferences on the subject of Architecture and Energy, and was a member of the "Israel Building Energy Code" committee in the year 2000.