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D. Eytan / R. Lahav-Rigg Architects
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ELR/ARC Architects

R. Lahav-Rigg, headed by Arch. Ruth Lahav, was expanded at the beginning of 2010 and turned into ELR/ARC Architects when Arch. Prof. Dan Eytan joined the firm as a senior partner, after several years in which their partnership was operated on an ad-hoc basis.
Arch. Ruth Lahav has been in practice since 1981, as senior partner in R. Lahav- T. Rigg Architects & Town Planners, and in the years 2003-2010 in R. Lahav-Rigg Architects Ltd.
Dan Eytan’s office is active from the 50’s; From 1979-2010 as D.Eytan- E.Goshen Architects and from 1992 in practice as Dan Eytan Management & Consulting.
The partnership between Dan Eytan and Ruth Lahav has participated in several public building competitions throughout the country, and designed housing projects, courthouses, private houses, offices, etc.

Ruth Lahav and Dan Eytan have between them many years of experience in a varied, wide spectrum of architectural design: Public buildings (such as museums, public halls, universities, schools and kindergartens), Office buildings (office towers, government offices and commercial offices), Residential design (high density dwellings, residential towers, online casinos, sheltered housing, stepped housing and private homes), Commercial buildings (shopping centres, commercial shopping streets, mixed use office & commercial buildings), Hotels (hotel towers, boutique hotels), Interior design (offices, sheltered housing, commercial and shopping malls), Landscape design (roads, public parks & gardens), Bridge design (cars and pedestrian bridges), and Town Planning (small scale plans, detailed master-plans & town planning).

Green Design

The partnership specialises in Green Architecture, in climatic and environmental design, and in energy conscious architectural design. This is manifest in many different projects, such as: "Nofim" - a senior citizen housing project in Jerusalem; Luz Hi-tech Industries headquarters in Jerusalem; an IDF industrial sewing factory; the regional government administration centre in Beer-Sheva, and in town planning projects as well as various private houses.

Great care is given to integrating the clients' needs into the design while using appropriate technologies and observing the climatic, environmental and sociological aspects of each project.