Architect Dan Eytan

Born in 1931, Graduated with honours from the School of Architecture and Town Planning in the Technion, Haifa in 1954. During his studies worked at Zeev Rechter Architects' office. After his graduation did an internship in Finland, and on his return joined Dov Karmi Architects' office.
In 1956 established his own architects office. In 1959 he established the partnership Yitshak Yashar - Dan Eytan Architects. In 1966 formed his own design firm, Dan Eytan Architects and Town Planners. From 1978 until 2009 was part of the well known partnership: D. Eytan - E. Goshen Architects Ltd. Currently works with his partner Ruth Lahav at D. Eytan / R. Lahav-Rigg Architects.

After winning the architectural competition for the design of the Tel Aviv Museum of Arts together architect Yitshak Yashar, received local and international fame and attention.
He has worked extensively in the planning of public housing projects, conservation plans for both national and local areas, and detailed planning of residential buildings. As urban growth in Israel created a demand for high-rise buildings, he turned to the design of residential and office towers. Amongst them "Migdal Ha'Ir" and "Omaria" towers in Jerusalem, defining the Jerusalem sky-line and appearance. "Hamigdal" building in Tel Aviv is a pioneer in the use of curtain walls in Israel.
He was the designer of the Ceserea Masterplan, emphasising the overall appearance of the city and its affinity to the old city and landscape. Also created town plans for the south east neighbourhoods of Jerusalem, Jerusalem city centre, Tiberia old city, and "Park Tzameret" masterplan, Tel Aviv.
Between 1972-1977 worked for the design and construction of two cities in the Persian Gulf: Bander-Abas for 70,000 residents & Bander-Busher for 40,000 residents. The design of the cities offered a unique challenge of their scale, speed of construction, and the extreme climate conditions, while taking into account different traditions and life patterns in an aim to create a diversified and rich living environment.

He has been a member of the Plastic Arts Committee in the Ministry of Culture and Education, the scholarship committee of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation, chairman of the sculpture committee of Tel Aviv - Yafo Municipality, and promotes and assists young artists & architects, as well as encouraging the participation of art in the public space.
As editor of the local Journal of Architecture he has contributed to the architectural professional discourse in Israel. Serving as chairman of the Architects Association in Israel, he initiated the national masterplan for Israel (later to become the "2020 Israel Masterplan"), as well as several Israeli architectural design exhibitions.
Teaching architecture since 1960, he has been a Professor of Architecture in the Technion since 1966. Was a member of the advisory committee for the foundation of the Azrieli School of Architecture in the Tel-Aviv University, and a judge for many architectural design competitions locally and internationally.