Form Follows Sun Exhibition

Form Follows Sun

The exhibition, which run from 15 January until 28 February 2009 at ZeZeZe Architecture Gallery, presented architecture and urban planning as forms following the sun. Attention to site and climate have lead the firm Lahav-Rigg to create since the beginning of the 1980's conceptual forms following a theoretical investigation of climate-oriented construction adapted to the local context. A climate-oriented plan for a sustainable building develops into an urban concept of place and environment. A green facade is created through an innovative, yet long-existing, concept of the development of a vertical space as part of urban building design.

The exhibition acts as a retrospective of climate-oriented design since the 1970's in Israeli architecture. With the current developments and understanding of sustainable architecture and its importance in the changing world climate, this exhibition presents Lahav-Rigg's struggle to combine this theme in its projects and designs.

The exhibition's design presents interior and exterior borders, between natural, manufactured and recycled materials, and includes a digital presentation of built projects and unrealised proposals.